Our company is an Expert in manufacturing brazed one piece carbide blades up to 96" long

​ejector rods,

GUIDES & overhead guides

We stock carbide tipped ejector rods size: 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2.

​All types of blade guides and parts for overhead guides.

Carbide tipped blade guides and overhead guide assembly available .


tool steel knives

​Profile blades and cams are made to your blue print or instructions. We can also design them for you. Our precision equipment and skill allows us to hold tolerances up to 0.00005" on step dimension.

We stock some straight cams and a variety of cam followers.

We manufacture & repair  gibs of all types cast iron, steel, ampco bronze, ground to specs.

TUNGSTEN CARBIDE tipped knives



straight cams

cam followers


​We manufacture a wide variety of  Work Rest Blades for all models of centerless grinders. Most of them we have in stock and available for same day shipment. We also manufacture custom made blades with widths down to 0.010".

​Blade material: 

tungsten  carbide  tipped

ampco  bronze 

​ceramic  zirconia  tipped

​hss  steel

tool  steel

​dense  cast iron

solid tungsten carbide knives


​KNIVES & Shears

​Workblades, Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial knives for labeling machines, pelletizers, granulators, shredders, chippers, metal shearing or any cutting operation. These are custom made to your specifications from a print or sample you supply. All our knives and shears are manufactured with highest quality workmanship and materials made in USA.

We currently service these industries:​ 

Food Processing, Metal, Packaging, Paper, Recycling, Solar, Tire & Rubber Conversion, Wood.

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