Brazing carbide to steel using silver based brazing alloy by method of Induction welding or propane/oxygen torch.


Designing custom work rest blades and industrial knives

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Product warranty

Workblades, Inc. stands 100 percent behind our products and services we sell. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, we will work with you to resolve any problems promptly at no additional cost.

surface grinding

We do alteration and repairs to used blades per customer instructions.

Re-Tipping with tungsten carbide or ceramic zirconia.

Regrinding and sharpening.

This is done at competitive pricing and fast delivery 


repairing/reconditioning used parts

Blanchard grinding up to 60" in diameter, bar grinding up to 160" in length, and precision surface grinding with tight tolerance. All types of steel and carbide.

CNC and horizontal milling.

We offer our customers help in designing custom blades, truing  cams or knives for their applications.